Sfakian Cuisine

As known the Cretan diet is based on the green, gold and extra virgin olive oil, on the consumption of legumes and cereals, on seasonal fruits and vegetables, on snails, on dairy products, on fish and on lean meat consumption, but always keeping the principle of eating with friends and accompanying our meal with a glass of wine.

Besides, based on scientific research people who follow Cretan diet,  live more than others.

In Crete, which is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, there are some isolated areas that follow eating habits from ancient times until today.

People in Sfakia follow till today the simple and delicious cuisine of “Oreon” (Mountains).

An area that has been forged by the need for survival and all the difficulties that has encountered, has retained to this day the primitive cuisine with a few influences from the culinary habits of the city.

Based on the seasonality of the raw materials and the product quality, can simply prepare wonderful dishes with few ingredients.

Besides, it is the unique cuisine in Greece which:

  • Uses honey to boiled meat
  • Uses only extra virgin olive oil and salt on “tsigariasto” lamb
  • Makes the famous sfakian pies with myzithra cheese or pichtogalo cheese, flour and water
  • Makes the sfakian “giachni” containing extra virgin olive oil, a little onion, wine and salt
  • Has the habit of frying potatoes in extra virgin olive oil